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Das 42 Zoll Dobson vor dem Orion auf dem HTT 2006, © Ronny Harzer
    Info  CZ / E / D :
    42" Dobsonian in front of the winters milkyway with orion - captured at 2006 by Ronny Harzer, Astroclub Südfläming.

Dear friends of HTT,


the sky offers a whole lot of interesting objects, and despite of the seasonal restriction to the early autumn, one could fill whole books…
To ease the agony of choice within the limited time of the HTT weekend we do offer our skyguide since 2007. It is a small (online) catalog with
- planetary events and constellations in our solar system
- deep sky obersavation hints: one or two constellations gets an in depth discussion

At the 13th HTT 2012 our skyguide has its 6th anniversary. It is offered as web and print-version as well as live-demonstration from Uwe Pilz during the HTT-nights under the sky. You can find out about the four following topics by clicking on the pictures…

News from the solar system

Zodiacal light bridge + morning sky

Deep sky / overviews

Deep sky / Details

Because the tips for nightly sky and the ecliptic brightness apply every year, let's have a look at the skyguide-editions 2007 - 2011:

HTT Skyguide 2011
HTT Skyguide 2010
HTT Skyguide 2009
HTT Skyguide 2008
HTT Skyguide 2007
This pages also contain clickable options for showing an inverted illustration for nightly notebook use on the HTT. Please respect our regulations - especially the nightly notes - use only red-covered notebooks!

A big "Thank you" to all who have contributed to this skyguide-project, especially to the co-authors Uwe Pilz and Andreas Schnabel, as well as the supporters Katerina Schneiderova and Jan Calta (czech translation) and Marcel Spranger (print). Thanks!

We wish our visitors a lot of pleasure observing the night sky and unforgettable hours in the land of the "Schwarze Elster" [name of a river, transl. "black crow"].

Yours  AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V.
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