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With the already known slogan: 'Recreating... talk shop... relaxing...' the astronomy friends are invited to join the 13. Herzberger Teleskoptreffen [HTT, the East Germany's star party] to enjoy the nice summer weather and the fascinating starry sky of Southern Brandenburg.  On the three meadows at the ELSTERLAND-STERNWARTE [E.OBSERVATORY] Jesnigk - where Petrus has his astronomical vacations every year - we will meet again for a great weekend.
It is possible to use the HTT area from Wednesday.
For our regular visitors and the wew guests we collected some informations below - also in 2012 we have a very attractive programm - and of course many telescopes:  from the 63 mm ZEISS ... up to the 42 inch Giant Dobsonian.

Dorfstraße 118
D - 04916  Jeßnigk-Schönewalde

51° 44' 54" N
13° 16' 41" E

80 km south of Berlin
  8 km northeast of Herzberg (E.)

Here the new Website from Jessnigk:
You may zoom in this satellite image with the possibilty to calculate a route using Google maps you may found
here. [in English]

Here you can find at which times traffic jam is likely.

At least we show a collection of areal images which may be useful for orientation at the HTT area. Please click at the small image:
Informations + Contact
AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V.
Postfach 1131
D-01640 Coswig

+49 176 / 64328838 (D. Landrock)
+49 177 / 6162488 (M. Möckel)

e-Mail  to the HTT team.
  5,00 €   per person
  2,00 €   pupils and students
  5,00 €   tent
  7,00 €   caravan
  3,00 €   visit the observatory

  Children up to 14 years does not fee
- Guests from countries with € un-
  favorable course (CZ, SK, PL, H ...)
  do not fee for the tent.
- the fee counts for the whole HTT.
Dear astronomers,

our fees are very short. At the HTT you have only a fraction of the costs which you had at other astronomical events. We want not change this paradigm for submit anyone the chance to join. We ask everybody who does not have to count every Cent to donate something extra. You support therewith not only the HTT itself but also the construction of our ›› observatory.
We are a non-profit organisation and can draw a donation receipt which confirms the german Income Tax Act (EStG).
You can give donations directely or deposit at our account:

Account ....... 3320200347
To ............... Verein AstroTeam Elbe-
                     Elster e.V.
Bank ........... Sparkasse Elbe-Elster
Bank code ... 18051000

Many thanks in advance.
Hostels + boarding houses
In the Herzberg region you can stay overnight good and inexpensive. Our recommendations:

Hotel "Zum heitern Blick"
- Herzberg  

- Schönewalde  

"Zum Stammhaus" Wilkniß
- Herzberg  

Pension Jericho
 in Jeßnigk  

Gasthaus "Wolfschlucht"
- Herzberg  

Pension "Forsthaus Striesa"

Grillhütte Grochwitz
- Herzberg  

Hotel "Nordklause"
- Herzberg  

Pension Purma
- Herzberg  

More boarding houses you can find at the websites of the little towns:
Herzberg, Schönewalde + Schlieben.
Food + drinks
In contradiction to other star parties you don't need to cook or to barbecue for yourself. You get delicious and inexpensive foods and drinks nearly around the clock.

Petra and Roger Franke offer home cooked dishes at 09:00 in the morning to 02:00 in the night.

We like the intimate flair of the HTT: Our "H-alpha bar" is an important meeting point where you will get to know many astronomers... interesting discussions and talks happen here.
Electric power
Our northern meadow is reserved for photographers. There we have sockets with 230V AC. Please have cross-connectors and extension cables with you. At the large southern meadow you find power supply only at a few points. Please inform you before you camp there.
Please pay attention:
Our power supply delivers enough energy for driving telescopes and for charging notebooks. But our electrical capacity is not unlimited. Please avoid plugging in consumpting devices.
Toilets and lavatories
At our place we can use the building of the local sports club which contains toilets and cold & war water. If you want to take a shower you can use the club building of the Football club Kolochau - which is 3 km away.
During the day we recommend a visit at the nearby lakes for bathing Brandis and Bernsdorf.
Site rules
The usage of green laser pointers is forbidden. Exceptions must be allowed by the HTT team. Please do not play music and avoid loud noises at night time.

Please avoid the usage of white light. You should have special care of your car which may switch on lights when the doors are opened.

Screens of notebooks necessarily only at night with excessive use red-light film!

When leaving please take all waste with you. We had never problems with that and thank our visitors in advance for their exemplary behaviour.

             Lectures...     Workshops...    cultural highlights...     observation hints...

Here you can find some program hints of the 13. HTT. It's possible that we will add or change parts of the content. Please also pay attention on the announcements we will do at the meeting.

Nachtimpressionen vom Jubiläums-HTT 2009

Occultation of Jupiter 2012
Observation with the 42"-Dobsonian

Like every year Dr. Erhard Hänßgen will present his great telescope. At daytime you will be able to try his 140 mm - Coronado (H-alpha Instrument) - and during the night the incredible Giant Telescope with a 1,07m (42 inch) mirrow.
          Dear Erhard, many thanks to you for bringing your great equipment!

Friday, Sep., 14th, 7:00 pm
- Lecture of the astro-physician  Marie-Luise Menzel:
        Hot hearts of the galaxy - active galactical cores

Saturday, Sept., 7:30 pm  -  the traditional Great evening: astronomical photography of the HTT  -  with spectacular pictures - f.e. of the southern starry sky,  the Transit of Venus,   or the Occultation of Jupiter  and much more ...
Impressionen vom 12. HTT

Professioneller Spiegelschleif-Workshop beim HTT 2011
Astronomy Fair in the nature

Sat., 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm -  our Astronomy technical and club-meeting - the different astronomy fair - with open-air flair;).   And like usual with great atmosphere, good gastronomy, without theft (!) and with the possibility to test everything right there. We are happy to see more and more specialists every year.  -  So we‘d like to welcome:
Wolfgang Lille - specialist for sun observation
APM Telescopes - Markus Ludes [english]
Gerd Neumann jr. [english]
Teleskop-Shop-Ost - Hans-Jürgen Becher
Intercon Spacetec - Martin Birkmaier.
Astroleuchten.de - Ulrich Heininger
Kunstschätzeverlag - Winfried Berberich.

The HTT was and still is a Meeting of astronomical friends.
You can see that at the visitor friendly prices and the good organisation. But we don‘t want you to lose the feeling that in some way everyone is helping to make the HTT even better. The workshops are the best way to exchange ideas and knowledge:

Fr., 2:00 pm. Uwe Pilz:  Adjustment of Newtonians
Fr., 4:00 pm. Martin Fiedler:  Handling + Working with                        astronomical pictures
Sa., 3:00 pm. Thomas Heising, Steffen Behrndt:
                       ATM (mirrors) - in theory and practice.
Zodiakallichtbrücke beim 11. HTT

Die Sommer-Milchstraße über dem 10. HTT
A brilliant night sky ...

The band of the Milky Way ...
.... is waiting for you!   If the condition of the atmosphere is good (dry and free of dust) you can see a bridge of Zodiacal light covering the complete sky. This picture is the first, which shows this phenomena token from Low land conditions. Even after long research in the internet you won't find a better picture token from the Northern Hemisphere.  Of course, you'd probably find better places for sky observation, but the difficulty to get a better picture then this shows the good quality of the sky here in Jesnigk:
Very impressive are photos of astronomy friends: were made here on the 12th HTT 18-19 mag Quasars with an 2,5 inch refractor + 55 minutes exposure time !!

The Zodiakallicht brigde picture made by Petr Skala - finished the HTT Astro Photo Contest 2010 1.st place.

... is completely observable in one night !!  Our visitors are invited to a Milky Way-Marathon of the objects in Sagittarius on the evening southern horizon until to the Winter -Milky Way (Orion and unicorn) on the morning sky!   On the brilliant sky of southern Brandenburg while also demanding observation targets are recommended...

For several years can be obtained in our HTT Astro Contest prices for good, here resulting astronomical photographs, drawings and observation reports.  O f course are published the working results of our visitors on this site - so are in the last few years impressive HTT astro photo galleries emerged,
for example, in the years:
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
We look forward to the HTT Astro Photos 2012...
Der Pelikannebel, aufgenommem beim 10. HTT

Die Elsterland-Sternwarte beim 11. HTT
HTT-Skyguide live

Visit our Club OBSERVATORY
For several years, observational evidence of our regular visitors for the HTT weekend put together: from events in the solar system - in particular, of planets, asteroids, comets, phenomena in the Jovian system - and also u observation tips on fixed-star heavens - in each year 1 to 2 constellations selected targets and monitoring are described with finder charts. This year it is the constellation Cygnus (in the picture the Pelican Nebula).
The HTT-Skyguide is available of each as printing - and as
Web version [in English] - and at the meeting itself as a live presentation under the stars by Uwe Pilz.

Another highlight of the HTT is the usage of the professional ELSTERLAND-OBSERVATORY [Infos in English], which was build up by the club without any help of public finances.  Only the AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V. was maded the Observatory with only privat sponsors, -working and -material.
You can visit the Observatory during the times below:
Friday:       1:00 pm - 5:00 pm (sun observation)
Saturday:   9:00 pm - 1:00 am .

Fri.,   9:30 pm. HTT-Skyguide live, meeting place: 42"Dob. Sun., 0:30 am. HTT-Skyguide live
Beachvolleyball-Turnier - 12. HTT

Musik. Frühschoppen beim 12. HTT
Beach Volleyball tournament

Musical Brunch
On the HTT Sun beach ;-) like every year there will be a volleyball competition. In the last year the professional team „JESSNIGK BULLS“ won before the also great playing czech boys.
Let‘s see who wins the competition in 2012 ...
... and if there are no self-destructive referee ;) :-)

Musical beginning of the saturday!
         Also this year there will be a musical morning with the
Orchester der Bergarbeiter Plessa [Orchestra of Miners] - You will hear modern and relaxing songs at the „HTT beer garden“ - beginning with astronomy-friendly time ;-) from 11:30 am.
Frühstück beim 12. HTT

H-alpha-Bar in der Abend-Dämmerung
Breakfast on the sun terrace

The H-alpha-Bar
Every day at the „HTT“ begins really relaxed - if you want with a good breakfast. For just 5,-- € (children 2,-- €) you can get a good breakfast with tasty coffee, bread, ham, cheese, eggs, jam or whatever you want... you can eat and drink until you‘re full... The big breakfast and to eat it outside at nice sunshine is a nice tradition. Many thanks to Petra and Roger Franke for the good HTT-gastronomy.

Also after the breakfast, you don‘t need to get your own food. You can meet many times at the „H-alpha-Bar“ to eat, drink and talk with the other visitors. At this bar of astronomers you may get coffee, tea, vine, fresh beer and grilled speciali- ties. Let‘s look forward to funny and interesting evenings at the „H-alpha-Bar“ with a astronomical atmosphere and good beer garden weather.
Many thanks to everybody, who helped us to make our event to a great one.   The Herzberger Teleskoptreffen is a great meeting of astronomers for astronomers. We‘d also like to thank the helpers of the region.  Its a team-work, which you can also feel on the observation places....

At last we wish to send greetings to the entire HTT enthusiast in Germany and the other countries. We wish you a pleasant journey to us. Please drive carefully and take notice of the "expansive camera" equipment at the borders of the road ;-) ... We are awaiting you and look forward to meet you (again) !

Here you get to the HTT preview pages from past years:   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011

In conclusion now follows an overview of the HTT-galleries of past years - and by the emergence of our new OBSERVATORY - have fun Click next:

Die mittlere Wiese des 12. HTT.
HTT daylight-images 2011

HTT gallery 2010
HTT gallery 2009
HTT gallery 2008
HTT gallery 2007
HTT gallery 2006
Beobachtungen am Riesendobson - HTT 2006  © Marin Gembec (CZ)
HTT Nocturnal Impressions 2011
HTT nights 2010
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HTT nights 2008
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HTT Astro Photos 2011

HTT Astro Photos 2010
HTT Astro Photos 2009
HTT Astro Photos 2008
HTT Astro Photos 2007
HTT Astro Photos 2006
Die entstehende Elsterland-Sternwarte
From concept - to the Reality:

the observatory project... and
the construction process on / in our observatory 2009 + 2010.
Built-here is a weather- and SQM station - see also our presentation at the 6th RBT.
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