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After the rainy "summer" 2011 all of us astronomers yearn for the 'HTT good weather feeling' ;-)  Of course, weather god this year protects his most loved telescope meeting as always.
All astronomers can expect best climatic circumstances and a real dark sky.  We are far away from all rain producing oceans and cloud catching mountains: During all eleven recent HTT meetings we had not a single night without star shine!  Our dark sky results from the fact, that in a surroundings of 70 km you only find villages and small towns.  Being the first time at the HTT most astronomers are real surprised at the night sky: You can see the gegenschein and zodiacal band.  This year we have a very attractive programm  -  and of course many telescopes: from the   63 mm ZEISS ... up to the  42 inch Giant Dobson.

Sportlerheim / Kulturhaus Jeßnigk
Dorfstraße 118
D - 04916  Jeßnigk-Schönewalde

51° 44' 54" N
13° 16' 41" E

80 km south of Berlin
  8 km northeast of Herzberg (E.)

Here the new Website from Jessnigk:
You may zoom in this satellite image with the possibilty to calculate a route using Google maps you may found
here. [in English]

Here you can find at which times traffic jam is likely.

At least we show a collection of areal images which may be useful for orientation at the HTT area. Please click at the small image:
Informations + Contact
AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V.
Postfach 1131
D-01640 Coswig

+49 176 / 64328838 (D. Landrock)
+49 177 / 6162488 (M. Möckel)

e-Mail  to the HTT team.
  5,00 €   per person
  2,00 €   pupils and students
  3,00 €   tent
  7,00 €   caravan
  3,00 €   visit the observatory

  Children up to 14 years does not fee
- Guests from countries with € un-
  favorable course (CZ, SK, PL, H ...)
  do not fee for the tent.
- the fee counts for the whole HTT.
Dear astronomers,

our fees are very short. At the HTT you have only a fraction of the costs which you had at other astronomical events. We want not change this paradigm for submit anyone the chance to join. We ask everybody who does not have to count every Cent to donate something extra. You support therewith not only the HTT itself but also the construction of our ›› observatory.
We are a non-profit organisation and can draw a donation receipt which confirms the german Income Tax Act (EStG).
You can give donations directely or deposit at our account:

Account ....... 3320200347
To ............... Verein AstroTeam Elbe-
                     Elster e.V.
Bank ........... Sparkasse Elbe-Elster
Bank code ... 18051000

Many thanks in advance.
Hostels + boarding houses
In the Herzberg region you can stay overnight good and inexpensive. Our recommendations:

Hotel "Zum heitern Blick"
- Herzberg  

- Schönewalde  

"Zum Stammhaus" Wilkniß
- Herzberg  

Pension Jericho
 in Jeßnigk  

Gasthaus "Wolfschlucht"
- Herzberg  

Pension "Forsthaus Striesa"

Grillhütte Grochwitz
- Herzberg  

Hotel "Nordklause"
- Herzberg  

Pension Purma
- Herzberg  

More boarding houses you can find at the websites of the little towns:
Herzberg, Schönewalde + Schlieben.
Food + drinks
In contradiction to other star parties you don't need to cook or to barbecue for yourself. You get delicious and inexpensive foods and drinks nearly around the clock.

Petra and Roger Franke offer home cooked dishes at 09:00 in the morning to 02:00 in the night.

We like the intimate flair of the HTT: Our "H-alpha bar" is an important meeting point where you will get to know many astronomers... interesting discussions and talks happen here.
Electric power
Our northern meadow is reserved for photographers. There we have sockets with 230V AC. Please have cross-connectors and extension cables with you. At the large southern meadow you find power supply only at a few points. Please inform you before you camp there.
Please pay attention:
Our power supply delivers enough energy for driving telescopes and for charging notebooks. But our electrical capacity is not unlimited. Please avoid plugging in consumpting devices.
Toilets and lavatories
At our place we can use the building of the local sports club which contains toilets and cold & war water. If you want to take a shower you can use the club building of the Football club Kolochau - which is 3 km away.
During the day we recommend a visit at the nearby lakes for bathing Brandis and Bernsdorf.
Site rules
The usage of green laser pointers is forbidden. Exceptions must be allowed by the HTT team. Please do not play music and avoid loud noises at night time.

Please avoid the usage of white light. You should have special care of your car which may switch on lights when the doors are opened.

Screens of notebooks necessarily only at night with excessive use red-light film!

When leaving please take all waste with you. We had never problems with that and thank our visitors in advance for their exemplary behaviour.
Lectures ...   Workshops ...   Cultural life ...   Observing indications

Please found in the following the program of the 12th HTT. Please keep in mind that small changes may occur. We inform you with loudspeaker announcements which are usual in German. Please ask your neighbor if you need a translation.  The meeting starts at Thursday. It is possible to come to the area a day earlier, at Wednesday afternoon. Please keep in mind:  All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST)!

Friday, Sept. 23th, 8:00 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 24th, 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.  -  
Public observing session in teh Elsterland observatory at the northern meadow.

Since August 2010 we have the weather station at the observatory running. It gives al large amount of current weather data e.g. the UV index, solar radiation, moon phase
and SQM measurements with statistics!
                                      Please click at the image right-hand to see these data.

Friday and Saturday, 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
Uwe Pilz:
explains and shows our yearly sky tours HTT Skyguide 2011. Meeting point is the reserved area near the Giant Dobson at the north west corner of the main meadow.
Current weather and SQM data from the HTT North Meadow
NEW:   Friday, 2:00 p.m.
Beach Volleyball tourney

At the northern meadow, 100 meters west of the observatory, we have a beach volleyball area. Here the young people from Jeßnigk go in for sports quite often. Normally, at the telescope meeting this place is not used. We want to change this: In this year all sport fans at the German Astro-Côte d'Azur ;-) are welcome to get a sun burn playing volleyball. This is quite a good alternative to laying around in the sun and do not much. ;-) :-) ...

We are interested to see whether you like this idea or not. We hope to see a great amount of players. Enjoying the sport ist the most important thing. It does not play such a large role who is the winner. May be we have enough players to form some teams which can play against each other. Please drop information in advance if you like to play in a team.
You can send e mail or inform the staff at the admittance point until Friday 1:00 p.m..
If there are many teams we intend to from groups of four, like at an world cup. The winner and the next team will be admitted to go to the play-off which is intended to take place at Saturday afternoon. The winner gets a real cup!
We are looking forward to see interesting matches between teams with players from near and far.

Friday, 7:00 p.m.
An evening dedicated to Dark-sky.

NAfter the tragic disaster in the Japanese nuclear power station politicians talk about producing energy in an ecological way. We've rarely seen such an agreement between policymakers of different fractions. We believe that ta very important effect could be reached by reducing the nightly illumination which was driven to an amount beyond every security need. This could be done immediately. The astronomers in Germany and Europe should speak loudly with one voice and work together. This evening gives a chance to bundle the activities of the whole astronomical community and to agree about way and strategies to a new energy politics.
We are looking forward to hear lectures from well-known experts in this area.
- Dr. Andreas Hänel  (University Osnabrück, head of the
  Planetary Osnabrück and the German dark sky section
- Jan Hattenbach  (Observatory Aachen)
- Martin Gembec  (Initiator of the Czech-Polish
  Dark sky area in the Iser mountains)
Additional we'll present first results of measuring the sky quality with the help of ELSTERLAND-STERNWARTE's SQM device, data of their cloud sensor and all sky images. All values are measured at a minutely base.
weitere Infos + max. Auflösung beim Klick ins Bild

beginning at August 2010).- We are convinced that the defense of a dark sky is a valuable target. To illustrate this we show here a photograph from HTT 2010 which shows the zodiacal band in total and the gegenschein - autor: Petr Skala (CZ). Please note the planet Jupiter near the right border which was near opposition at the time of the photograph. This may be the first image of the rarely seen cosmical glow from a location outside fro, high mountains.
                We plan to discuss the dark sky problem with local politicians at Friday evening. At Saturday 2 p.m. we hope to dismiss first steps and initiatives for a national or even international cooperation between the dark sky activists.

Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. and from 0:30 p.m.
The Sky Quality Meter in practical use
All users of SQM and SQM-L devices are invited to compare their measurements, which were taken at the same time. This comparison of SQM result gave a good feedback in 2010. The results are remarkably: here - every SQM owner gets the chance to calibrate it's SQM device!

Saturday, 24.09., 11:30 a.m.
The cultural life at our star party:   Open air Brunch  (with beer and live music):  Dr. Erhard Hänßgen + Frank Werner  from
the "Orchester der Bergarbeiter Plessa" [miners' orchestra] - this year with contemporary guitar sound...

NEW:    Friday evening or Saturday evening:
Live-talk with  ISS  staff

We transmit the talk with loud speakers so it can be heard everywhere on the place.

The communication of ground stations with the ISS uses reserved frequencies. The communication can only established in the short period in which the ISS can be seen at our sky. Only then we can reach the ISS in ultra-short wave band. We don't know the time planning chart at the ISS and don't know whether somewhere spare time in front of the transceiver.
But from our technical equipment it is possible. And if it works, it would be great! An if the spaceship covers important areas of the sky, e.g. the Vega like in the penultimate year, we have the right addressee for our complaint... ;-)

Sa., 1:00 pm - around 6:00 pm Uhr
Small but delicate  -  our Fair:  AstroTechnik- und Vereinsmesse (ATV).
As in former years we are glad to present astronomical companies with its' interesting quotes:
- Wolfgang Lille - Optical devices / Sun observation instruments.
- APM Telescopes - Markus Ludes
- ASTROTECH - Daniel Arndt  (Magdeburg)
- Teleskop-Shop-Ost - Hans-Jürgen Becher  (Chemnitz)

- Gerd Neumann jr. (Münster)

Beside this astronomical clubs and observers will tell us about their activities and projects.

In this year we offer all astronomers a very special event:
- Thomas Heising + Steffen Behrndt: Workshop  Grinding your own astronomical mirror  (Theory with many images
  + Practicing)  -   The workshop is apporpriate for a real grinding beginners, with the thematic priorities:
- Which materials can be used
- Fundamental steps to the grinded ond polished mirror
- the Foucault test and the Ronchi test
- preparation of a polishing tool
- Corerecting the mirror by using the Foucault Test...
The workshops takes roughly 2 hours

- Uwe Pilz holds again the workshop Workshop How to calibrate a Newton telescope and tells about the activities of the
  German Comet observation group.
- Martin Fiedler holds again his workshop How to finish astronomocal images (Giotto, Avistack, Fitswork...)

If you plan to hold a lesson or workshop by yourself please contact us in advance. So we have the chance to plan your lesson and give you an appropriated time slot
Please keep in mind that changigs or additional points are possible. The workshops and lectures will take place between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Small changes will be announced over loudspeaker. Please ask your neighbour to translate this German messages into English.

Saturday 6:00 pm
Decoration of the most impressive self constructed telescope
At our telescope meeting we see from year to year more and more interesting innovation in self constructed telescopes and their accessories. In 2009 be began to give awards to the most impressing solutions., We want to proceed wit this tradition in 2011. Beside of this we give prizes for the best Sketches and photographs which were produced at the HTT. We look forward to see your results.

Saturday, 7:00 pm
Great Astrophotographic evening
The members of our astronomical club "AstroTeams Elbe-Elster e.V." will show you the best astronomical photographs from the last time. You will see images from Martin Fiedler, Michael Möckel, Stefan Simon and Ralf Hofner.   Our visitors also can present its own Astro images.  Please indicate this in advance for planning issues.  In 2011 this evening will have subscrip- tions in English and Czech. Katerina will say some words in Czech for German presentations - and can also translate Czech presentations into German.
May be you want to see the Astro photo gallery of the HTT team.
NGC 3628   © Michael Möckel, AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V.
NEW:    Friday and Saturday, 10:30 pm

Transmission from colored images taken with the main instrument of the observatory. The images can be seen at our video panel in the lecturing room.
We wish to thank our observer Carsten for this idea. We hope this is an interesting supplement to visiting the observatory, which is limited to the opening hours.
Elsterland-Sterwarte beim HTT 2010  © Markus Funke
At last we wish to send greetings to the entire HTT enthusiast in Germany and in other countries. We wish a pleasant journey to the HTT.  Please drive carefully and take notice of the "expansive camera" equipment at the borders of the road ;-) ...   We are awaiting you and look forward to meet you (again)!

Here you get to the HTT preview pages from past years:   2007   2008   2009   2010

In conclusion now follows an overview of the HTT-galleries of past years - and by the emergence of our new OBSERVATORY - have fun Click next:

Die mittlere Wiese des 11. HTT © Martin Fiedler
HTT daylight-images 2010

HTT gallery 2009
HTT gallery 2008
HTT gallery 2007
HTT gallery 2006
Beobachtungen am Riesendobson - HTT 2006  © Marin Gembec (CZ)
HTT Nocturnal Impressions 2010
HTT nights 2009
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HTT nights 2006
Die Sommermilchstraße über dem 10.HTT © Ralf Hofner
HTT Astro Photos 2010

HTT Astro Photos 2009
HTT Astro Photos 2008
HTT Astro Photos 2007
HTT Astro Photos 2006
Die entstehende Elsterland-Sternwarte
From concept to the Reality:

the observatory project... and
the construction process on / in our observatory 2009 + 2010.
Built-here is a weather- and SQM station - see also our presentation at the 6th RBT.
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