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hier gehts zur höheren Auflösung dieses kürzlich über der HTT-Wiese entstandenen Milchstraßenbildes
 Some things never change: The magnificent night sky in southern Brandenburg... the ever splendid weather at the HTT... the
 fantastic mood at the site... and the unique catering service there. At our anniversary HTT this will happen yet again.
 Dear regular guests and newcomers: Here you find all important information for the East Germany's star party 2009...
Observing with the giant Dobson

Dr. Erhard Hänßgens's main instrument is the greatest attraction at the HTT. His dobson has a 42 inch primary mirror. From dusk to dawn the instrument is occupied by visitors. The view through his large telescope can not be described with words. The Orion nebula can be seen in colours, the flame nebula and the horse head nebula show phenomenal amount of detail. You will never forget these vies. The highlights of the winter milky way can be observed in the late night at the mildly temperatures of the late summer.
›› Experiences of our visitors.

Attractive instruments will be shown

The large amount of instruments alone is reason enough to join the HTT. 300 visitors show in Jeßnigk instruments as small as the Zeiß Telementor with 63 mm aperture and as large as 42 inch aperture. You find telescopes of really all sizes, all constructions types and all manufacturers plus al large amount of self constructed instruments. The HTT provides a unique chance for testing equipment and for changing experiences. ...more
Above you see our future ›› observatory

H-alpha beer garden

Our astronomical catering service is unique: You can get drinks and delicious food from nine in the morning until late in the night.
We have a breakfast buffet which costs only 5 Euros. From noon to the late night one meets at Roger's bar. Until late in the night you can get here tapped beer, fresh coffee, cold drinks and home made grilled specialities.
The bar is illuminated by red light to preserve the night vision. ...more

Sportlerheim Jeßnigk
Dorfstraße 118
D - 04916  Jeßnigk

51° 44' 54" N
13° 16' 41" E

80 km south of Berlin
Starting map
Satellite view from   Google maps
Here you can get a route calculated.
Infos + Contact
AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V.
Postfach 1131
D-01640 Coswig

+49 176 / 64328838 (D. Landrock)
+49 177 / 6162488 (M. Möckel)

e-Mail to the HTT team
  5,00 €   per Person
  2,00 €   pupils & students
  3,00 €   tent
  7,00 €   caravan

- children up to 14 years does not fee
- Guests from countries with € un-
  favorable course (CZ, SK, PL, H ...)
  do not fee for the tent
- The fee counts for the whole HTT.
Dear astronomers, our fees are very short. At the HTT you have only a fraction of the costs which you had at other  astronomical events.
We want not change this paradigm for submit anyone the chance to join. We ask everybody who does not have to count every Cent to donate something extra. You support therewith not only the HTT itself but also the construction of our observatory ›› observatory
We are a non-profit organisation and can draw a donation receipt which confirms the german EStG. You can give donations directely or deposit at our account.

Konto-Nr. ...... 3320200347
Ko.-Inhaber... Verein AstroTeam Elbe-
                      Elster e.V.
Bank ............ Sparkasse Elbe-Elster
BLZ .............. 18051000

Many thanks in advance.
Hostels + boarding houses
In the Herzberg region you can stay overnight good and inexpensive. Our recommendations:

Hotel "Zum heitern Blick"

Parkhotel Schönewalde

Pension Jericho
 in Jeßnigk  

Gasthaus "Wolfschlucht"

Pension "Forsthaus Striesa"

Grillhütte Grochwitz

Hotel Nordklause

Pension Purma

More boarding houses you can find at the websites of the little towns:
Herzberg, Schönewalde and Schlieben (in german).
Food + drinks
In contradiction to other star parties you don't need to cook or to barbecue for yourself. You get delicious and inexpensive foods and drinks nearly around the clock.

Peter and Roger Franke offer homme cooked dishes form nine in the morning to two in the night.
We like the intimate flair of the HTT. The H-alpha bar is an important meeting point where you will get to know many astronomers. Interesting discussions and talks happen here.
Electric power
Our northern meadow is reserved for photographers. There we have sockets with 230V AC. Please have cross-connectors and extension cables with you.
At the large southern meadow you find power supply only at a few points. Please inform you before you camp there.
Please pay attention:
Our power supply delivers enough energy for driving telescopes and for charging notebooks. But our electrical capacity is not unlimited. Please avoid plugging in consumpting devices.
Toilets and lavatories
At our place we can use the building of the local sports club which contains toilets and cold & war water. If you want to take a shower you can use the club building of the soccer club Kolochau which is 3 km away.
During the day we recommend a visit at the nearby lakes for bathing Brandis and Bernsdorf.
Site rules
The usage of green laser pointers is forbidden. Exceptions must be allowed by the HTT team. Please do not play music and avoid loud noises at night time. Please avoid the usage of white light. You should have special care of your car which may switch on lights when the doors are opened.
When leaving please take all waste with you. We had never problems with that and thank our visitors in advance for their exemplary behaviour.
Lectures... Workshops... Observation hints

The program presented is preliminary. Small changes will be announced over loudspeaker. Please ask your neighbour to translate this German messages into English. The HTT starts at Thursday but you can arrive as early as Wednesday afternoon.

We have translated the titles of the lessons into English, but the language of all lessons is German. 

Friday September 18th, 6:00 p.m.:  Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinmetz belongs to the scientific leading group of th  Astrophysical Institute Potsdam)  (AIP). His lecture "The telescope - a cosmic time machine" : A view through a telescope shows distant and past things as well. With larger instruments we see more distant features and more past events. The 5-meter-telescope at Mount Palomar was the leading instrument for 25 years. The next 25 years the 6-meter-telescope at Caucasus mountains takes this place. Since the mid-90th we have larger and larger instruments in a quick succession. Our largest telescopes have 6-10 meters aperture now. The preliminary climax is the Large Binocular Telescope with two 8.4-meter-mirrors. It is locates at the Mount Graham in Arizona. The AIP takes part in erecting an using this instrument. The future will bring us even larger telescopes..."

Friday September 18th, 7:30 p.m. Laying of the foundation stone for the Elsterland observatory at the northern meadow.

Friday and Saturday, 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. A moderated sky tour takes place, the 
HTT Skyguide 2009. Moderating: Uwe Pilz, selection of objects: Daniel Restemeier, Uwe Pilz, Ralf Hofner.

Friday and Saturday, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. The predictive value of Sky Quality Meter (SQM) measurements: At the HTT we have suitable conditions for checking the SQM:
1) Many astronomers are at the place. We hope to have a sufficient number of SQM devices at the site.
2) Very good night sky, as well astronomical and meteorological. We will be able to investigate the influence of the milky was and the zodiacal light on SQM measurements. Bernhard Engeser collects such values since 2006 and will be offer the results in a database. The most important results will be published in astronomical periodicals. We ask all astronomers to join this project. If you own a SQM please have it with you.

Zodiakallicht über der HTT-Wiese am 19. Aug. 2009

If you still observe in the morning time you will see the zodiacal light, which is 70 degrees long and quite impressive. The photograph above was taken at August 19th. At the HTT 2009 the morning star and the milky way will be located at slightly different positions. But the zodiacal light will be more steeply und will give a more spectacular view.
At the HTT 2008 this phenomenon was less impressive because of the high humidity. We saw it's cone at a lenght of only 40...50°. But if we have dry air you should not miss it.

Saturday, Spetember 19th, 11 p.m. The Orchester der Bergarbeiter Plessa (Miners' orchestra) will play for us. It is one of the best  orchestras of the region. You will not believe that they are complete amateurs. By the way... last year our Erhard played Guitar at Saturday afternoon look here.  If you play an instrument please take it with you. May be a jam session is formed.

Saturday, 1 p.m. ... 3 p.m.   Our astronomical marketplace  AstroTechnik- und Vereinsmesse (ATV) will take place. The large companies will not be represented, but some local (German) manufacturers:
- Gerd Neumann jr.
- Astro Electronic Michael Koch
- ASTROTECH Daniel Arndt
- Wolfgang Lille - Optical devices, sun observing equipment.
Some clubs and observers show their activities and projects:
- Thomas Heising: Optic tests with the Ronchy and Foucault method. He owns a 12 inch flat mirror.
- Uwe Pilz represents the VdS Fachgruppe Kometen (Comet section of the German astronomical association) and presents his new book.
- the Bundesdeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Veränderliche (German group for Variable stars) has an information point there. You will meet Peter Lehmann, who also holds a lecture.
- Elisabeth Dietze (Astroclob Radebeul) presents her youth project: Observing of variable stars with digital cameras.
- The HTT team and  astronmical club Astroteam Elbe Elster e.v. presents the project of erecting an observatory at the HTT site.

Saturday from 3 p.m.(please follow the announcements via loudspeaker):
Workshops - our experts give help:
- Uwe Pilz: Calibrating Newton telescopes
- Thomas Heising: course in mirror grinding
- Marin Fiedler: Processing of astronomical images with the help of Giotto & Avistack.

Saturday, 6 p.m. after the workshops   Decoration of the most impressive self constructed telescope
At the HTT we found more and more self constructed instruments. In this year we decorate the best ones for the first time. We offer prices in three categories:
- the most interesting self constructed telescope
- the best photograph or sketch produced at the HTT 
- the best nightly overview photograph which represents the HTT and the mood at the site best.
We have a jury which selects the best self made instrument. Please send your sketches and photographs not later as September 30th at  the HTT team if you compete. 

Sa., 19:00   Celebration of the HTT jubilee
The International Year of Astronomy is a ideal occasion to look back over the astronomical meetings of Brandenburg. The first observatory in this regison was erected around 1700. At 1848 the Planet neptun was detected there. Up to date this observatory is among the most important institutions of Europe.
Beside this we show the best astronomical photographs form the last years. We look back at the nine last telescope meetings and report exceptional and sometimes funny actualities. You can look at some of the photographs 
in advance:

  1. HTT   22./23. Sept. 2000
  2. HTT   21./22. Sept. 2001
  3. HTT   13./14. Sept. 2002
  4. HTT   19./20. Sept. 2003
  5. HTT   10.-12. Sept. 2004
  6. HTT   2.–4. Sept. 2005
  7. HTT   22.-24. Sept. 2006
  8. HTT   13.-16. Sept. 2007
  9. HTT   25.-28. Sept. 2008
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