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HTT-Nachtimpressionen 2006 + 2007
Fotos: Thomas Böhme (D), Martin Gembec (CZ), Markus Funke (D)  
Attention: new location !!

Sports field
Dorfstraße 118
D - 04916  Jeßnigk

51° 44' 54" N
13° 16' 41" E

45 miles south of Berlin
Starting map
Google maps - shows you the way to the HTT
Informations / Contact
AstroTeam Elbe-Elster e.V.
Postfach 1131
D-01640 Coswig

+49 176 / 64328838 (D. Landrock)
+49 177 / 6162488 (M. Möckel)

e-Mail to the HTT team
Registration charge
5,00 €   Charge per Person
2,00 €   Students and pupils
3,00 €   Tents
7,00 €   Motorhomes

Young Children (14 y.) don't charge regstration fee
Join us for the
9th Herzberg Star Party / Herzberger Teleskoptreffen - HTT
September 25th to 28th 2008

Our star pary will be hosted on the area of the Sports Club Jessnigk near Herzberg, which is located in the East of Germany - 80 km (45 miles) south of Berlin. The Herzberg district is one of the least cloudy area in Central Europe and offers a very dark sky: Have you ever seen M33 naked eye?

The site includes the astropnomical open air restaurant  "H-alpha Bar", a breakfast lunch buffet, electrical power for telescopes, a seminar building and showers. Bothersome lights and traffic are strictly controlled to reduce interference to photographers and observers. Camping is rustic but comfortable and takes place in the meadows on site. The registration charge is very low.

Image gallery HTT

Image galleries:      HTT 2006     HTT 2007
Beobachtungshinweise + Aufsuchkarten
The HTT Skyguide

by Daniel Restemeier, Uwe Pilz, Ralf Hofner

We like our vistors to be prepared for the
highlights of the September sky.   For this
reason we prepad this Skyguide [in german]
 Activities at the HTT:

- Afternoon talks by amateur and professional astronomers and
  telescope makers

- Two Workshops: "Astronomical image precessing" and
  "Collimating Newtonian telescopes"

- Three public observation sessions:
  The evening sky (Summer Milky way: M 8,16,17,20..., NGC 7000),
  the midnight sky (Gegenschein, Barnard 168, NGC 6939, 6946,
  and in the morning: the Zodiacal light (!) + Saturn.

- Astrophotography slide shows

We hope to meet you and see you at the HTT!
  Das Riesendob vor der Wintermilchstraße - man beachte die  Stern- und Dunkelwolken in den Sternbildern Tau und Gem
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